Santa Museum 《Santa and the love story of father and a son》

World Santa Museum

Mr.Tsugawa World Santa Museum World Santa Museum

Santa museum is a collection of Santa Claus from all over the world by Mr.Tsugawa who is the most famous Christmas Santa collector in Japan. See many rare one of a kind Santas here. Also on exhibition is a human size like Santa. You absolutely can't miss this heart warming place.

Wedding Gallery/JUNO/Spring Bell/Lover's Sanctuary

Wedding Gallery/Bridal Dress Gallery

Wedding Gallery Wedding Gallery Wedding Gallery

You can find traditional wedding dresses from many countries in the world such as Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
The designs are various according to each country.
Couples will lose themselves in the romantic atmosphere.
Here in YUMI KATSURA's bridal collection pavilion, you can see the highest class dresses that were once exhibited in the “Paris Fashion Week”



Couples who pledged love to each other under the "Juno" goddess statue of marriage are said to obtain the highest happiness.

Spring Bell

Spring Bell heart shaped shell

Spring bell:
Ring this bell and receive eternal happiness.

Write a word of love on a heart shaped shell and hang it on a wall as a memento.

Lover's Sanctuary

Lover's Sanctuary

Lover's Sanctuary is a project of the local revitalization support center which aids in the falling birthrates and in local growth.
Recognized in April, 2006.

Other Museums

Castle Library

Castle Library

Our "World Castle Library" has over 1,000 castle related books and a first edition book from famous British author "Sir Walter Scott" of Lockheart castle.

Teddy House

Teddy House

Over 200 teddy bears collected from around the world. How about taking a peep?

Stone Museum

Stone Museum

Works of stone painting pioneer "Shuou Kataoka" who can transform just a pebble into splendid artwork with his skillful hands.

Stone Academy

Stone Academy

Touch dinosaur fossils in our Stone museum. Learn about world history through our display of interesting fossils and ore.

St. Laurence Church/Rolls-Royce used by Princess DAIANA

St. Laurence Church

St. Laurence Church St. Laurence Church

Stone Church filled with light from antique stained glass made by glass blower from a British church of the 18th century.


Rolls-Royce once used by Princess DIANA.

Royal blue rolls-royce once used by the late princess Diana. It was used to chauffeur around Japan.